Charles Booker Stand For Kentucky and Vote out Mitch McConnell




I’ve lived the struggle that other politicians just talk about.

But really, this isn’t about me. It’s about the coal miner that got sick from his job. It’s about the single mom trying to make ends meet. It’s about the college student worried about their loans. It’s about all of us. This is bigger than any one person. This is bigger than party or politics. This is about survival. People are dying – from black lung and asthma; from drug addiction, and gun violence. Our jobs have gone away while politicians have delivered empty promises and CEOs get to keep cashing checks. It’s about making the kind of public investments in ourselves and our families that will unlock the potential of our Commonwealth, and leave no one behind.

For too long, we have been lied to, robbed, and exploited. Demeaned and disrespected. We’ve been shut out of the decision making process and our voices drowned out by the wealthy and well connected. We’re sick of the corruption. We’re sick of the politicians who ignore us, and the ones who play political games instead of just telling us the truth.

We’re Kentucky. We’re not a tragedy, and we’re not a joke. When we get knocked down, we come back. We don’t wait for folks to tell us what to do. We show them how it’s done. I am not the alternative to Mitch McConnell. WE are. That’s why I’m meeting with my fellow Kentuckians to talk about how we lead this fight.






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