What FDR understood about Socialism

FDR understood the calibrating and democracy sustaining facets of Socialism and he implemented these policies to destroy the Nazi’s, Build the middle class, and make America the world’s super power. Nevertheless, Neoliberal Democrats, blinded with crony corruption, greed, and a maniacal lust to serve the monied powers over the people, either don’t understand the necessity of Democratic Socialism, or purposefully obscure its efficacy or deride the same in order to preserve their handle on the plutocratic  tyranny killing our Democratic Republic and our environment.

Bernie Sanders is the only candidate that has dedicated his political life towards advancing the fundamentals of Roosevelt’s New Deal Objectives.. Today we no longer have a truly democratic government where special interests and donor class interests are the only and paramount concern of our elected officials  as evinced by the societal and political decline we have endured since Ronald Reagan….. We must end the Neoliberal order if we ever hope to salvage our Free Democracy and fulfill our Nation’s promise for equality and access to our capitalist economy. FDR understood the facets of Socialism that only Bernie Sanders’ and his movement appear to understand.  What we need to understand is that the duopoly is recalcitrant and is a figurative tumor couched in our democratic process. You can’t negotiate with a tumor.. You just have to remove it without bleeding to death.  Today we are being suffocated with waning chance of altering this trajectory due to an ignorant, self centered, and a complacent electorate that fails to see the imminent demise resulting from doing nothing, going back to failed objectives, continued feckless pragmatism and abysmal incremental change.

Posted by Bern4us on Tuesday, March 10, 2020


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